ArtistSeries Spotlight: Rey Illustration

Asia, or Rey Illustration is a talented illustrator with a passion for creating beautiful illustrations featuring modern Black women.

Born & raised in Maryland, but living in Florida, Rey started her illustration journey during the COViD-19 pandemic of 2020.

She stumbled upon a style of illustrating women without all of their facial features so that it can be relatable, developing a distinct style of art for her works.

"I don't draw specific people, I want you to see yourself in them. I am a Black & Thai woman and representation is extremely important for women of color."

In art school, Rey learned about countless artists but very few (if any) were POC. Rey believes we need more art representing POC so that we normalize melanin as a standard of beauty.

Rey and Black Illustrations collaborated to develop a distinct illustration pack featuring hi-res illustrations of the modern woman.