Illustrations and Stock Images Featuring People of Color

A few of my favorite pics and resources for finding people of color online.

When it comes to finding visual representation of black people for digital projects, it's hard. Like, really hard. In most cases, we have a few options and they're few and far between. Well, I've found some of my favorite resources and wanted to share them with you below. Enjoy!

Nappy provides beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people to startups, brands, agencies, and everyone else. Nappy makes it easy for companies to be purposeful about representation in their designs, presentations, and advertisements.

Unsplash is great. They actually update their database regularly and by searching with a modifier like "black business" or "black woman" they have a pretty diverse database featuring people of color. Beautiful, free images gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers makes Unsplash a powerhouse of visuals.

This site is another standout. Built by the talented, Pablo Stanley, this website does a great job of providing illustrations in a Mix-&-match format of people within a design library

MixKit does a great job at curating beautiful, free assets for your next video project. There is a lot of diversity in their visual content and they do a good job of providing HD designs for use in digital projects.