IllustratorHub, a Platform for Black illustrators Launched!

illustrators can showcase their talent and get hired for freelance work

There are thousands of black illustrators around the globe. However, there just isn't a central location where they can showcase their work to get hired by companies looking for a diverse point of view from talented freelancers.

We're Here to Make Change

So, we decided to launch, our partner company. IllustratorHub provides:

Curated, Vetted Database

Our team takes the time to properly review illustrators and add their portfolio and work to our database. The process is simple, but effective for finding the most amazing talent from around the world.

We take pride in finding and vetting top talent.

100+ Illustrators

All of our illustrators have the opportunity to showcase their work in a welcoming environment built to showcase their illustrator chops. For companies in search for custom illustrations and designs by black illustrators, designers can find solace on our platform and book working opportunities to benefit their careers.

All for free.

You can click HERE to visit the platform.