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The Epitome: Black Woman

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New Artist Series

Black illustrations is launching a new series called The Black Illustrations Artist Series. This is a unique partnership with some of our favorite Black Illustrators from around the world. We've found the most talented freelance illustrators to collaborate with. We would like to welcome, Asia aka Rey! Rey learned about countless artists but very few (if any) were POC. Rey believes we need more art representing POC so that we normalize melanin as a standard of beauty. Rey and Black Illustrations collaborated to develop a distinct illustration pack featuring hi-res illustrations of the modern woman.

The Epitome: Black Woman

The Epitome: Black Woman is the newest illustration pack in our Artist Series. it features beautiful black woman in an array of styles, body types and aesthetics reflective of the African diaspora. All illustrations were designed and developed by Rey Illustration, an extremely talented black illustrator born & raised in Maryland, but living in Florida, Rey started her illustration journey during the COViD-19 pandemic of 2020 and has already created beautiful designs for various brands.

What's Included?
  • 30+ Beautiful, Hi-Res Images
  • PNG, JPG, Sketch, XD and More!
  • Multiple Skin Tones, Attire and Hair Styles
  • Tons of Images to Choose From!

30+ Illustrations

Featuring dozens of images for your upcoming digital projects, this is the perfect illustration pack for your upcoming projects. We put a TON of detail into each illustration to provide an amazing, cohesive illustration experience.


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