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The Holiday Vibe Illustration Pack (Christmas / Kwanzaa)

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The Christmas Vibe Illustration Pack is a series of high-quality of images of black people enjoying the holidays.

Christmas Illustrations of Black People

We receive hundreds of requests each month and lately, we've received an influx of folks looking for Christmas illustrations for the holidays. Weve developed a robust set of illustrations for the holidays perfect for your digital projects. Use these illustrations for online greetings, web designs, cards, social media and more!

With a plethora of skin tones, styles and more, we've included illustrations for everyone. We've also included illustrations of families and folks celebrating Kwanzaa, as well. It's all included in this premium pack!

We include black people of all shades and hairstyles to find the perfect fit for your work.

What's Included?
  • 50+ Beautiful, Hi-Res Images
  • PNG, JPG, Sketch, XD and More!
  • Multiple Skin Tones, Attire and Hair Styles
  • Tons of Images to Choose From!

50+ Illustrations

Featuring dozens of images for your upcoming digital projects, this is the perfect holiday illustration pack for your upcoming projects. We put a TON of detail into each illustration to provide an amazing, cohesive illustration experience.

  • Christmas
  • Gift Exchange
  • Playing in the Snow
  • Family Time
  • Friendsgiving
  • and more!

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